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Grandpa's Chicken & Poultry Feeders

A Grandpa’s chicken feeder will protect your chicken food from pests and weather. Our feeders have proved hugely popular and we stand by our products, offering a money back guarantee.
I highly recommend these feeders to anyone who has a chook or two or three or four or more! They stop mice and rats from eating the feed, are easy to use and it takes very little effort to train the chooks to eat from it. Very weather proof and the chooks always have feed. A very well built product that soon pays for itself. Thanks Grandpa’s Feeders.
- Andrew Thomas Preston - Queensland

Please note: Price does not include postage and handling

Our Products

Large Chicken Feeder

$250.00 AUD
40cm (h) x
55cm (w) x
63cm (d)
18kg / 40lb
Will feed up to 12 chickens for 10 days.