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A Grandpa’s chicken feeder will protect your chicken food from pests and weather. Our feeders have proved hugely popular and we stand by our products, offering a money back guarantee.
Not sure if you remember me buying a large feeder from you a couple of months ago, and I asked if it would work with Muscovies. It does! I have two large drakes (bordering on 'mammoth', whatever exactly that means!) currently using it, NO problems, with NO alterations needed! It is so cute to see a 5kg drake put his foot on the platform to lift it. He only needs to put one foot on it. I have photos on my phone (it was the best I could do!) - are you interested in seeing them? Just thought I'd let you know. I figure if it works with 'the boys' it will work with the girls too, who are half the size!!! I recently put some fresh feed in. Sunflower seeds are still whole (not ripped to shreds from mice), no bird manure IN the feed, and the most that gets in it is earwigs - which are simply high protein feed for the boys! They now go through so little feed I wonder if they even eat, but I have the photo to prove it!
- Sarah Greenslade - Adelaide, Australia

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Large Chicken Feeder

$250.00 AUD
40cm (h) x
55cm (w) x
63cm (d)
18kg / 40lb
Will feed up to 12 chickens for 10 days.